Corruption has caused so much sorrow, pain and unforgettable suffering to Nigerians. It is unfortunate that we are deceived to believe that Nigeria and corruption cannot be separated despite the consequences of corrupt practices on our National Socio economic development. It is sad to see that corruption has gained root even among our children in Nursery and primary Schools. If this is allowed to continue unabated, Nigeria will end as a failed Nation. God Forbid! The current anti-graft war is highly commendable, even tough; some Nigerians fault it because of their claim of selective investigation and lack of due process in the current battle against corruption. It is however a good thing that the current war against corrupt leaders has started. The beginning of every good journey may not start well but it is good it starts while we all join effort to perfect the journey to the expected destination. Fighting corrupt leaders and other corrupt professionals is good but, fighting the system that produces corrupt leaders is holistic.

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